The Water Council and the Water Test Network form partnership

The Water Council and the Water Test Network form partnership

Blog by Beverley Ferrara
European Representative The Water Council

New relationship, new opportunity

As an organization our simple, yet broad goal is to connect companies, entrepreneurs and researchers to share ideas and accelerate the pace of innovation, not just in the U.S., but also around the world. One element of developing new offerings, pre-commercial testing, can often be difficult and costly.

Shorten time to market

To that end, I’m excited to share the news that we have formed a partnership with the European Water Test Network (WTN), and its project manager, Scottish Water Horizons (a commercial subsidiary of Scottish Water), to help TWC members accelerate the commercialization of new products.

The WTN has a network of facilities and experts in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands (including the WaterCampus demo sites from our Global Water Tech Hub (GWTHA) partner, Water Alliance) and Belgium to help firms test, demonstrate and develop new products in the water sector. This resource was developed initially to help organizations in Europe, but because of our global outreach efforts, TWC members can now benefit as well.

To make this opportunity even more attractive, an integrated package of funding support is available through WTN to Wisconsin small and medium-sized companies with a registered business presence in Northwestern Europe.

Win, win, win

Like a lot of great ideas, this one benefits several parties. TWC members gain a resource to help bring their innovation to new markets. The WTN broadens its ability to deliver on its mission. And the world’s water resources are better managed.

Our formal link with The Water Council will help us expand the impact of the Water Test Network through access to an unmatched innovation cluster
Ruth McNeil, Project Manager Water Test Network. Scottish Water Horizons.

If you are interested in finding out more about The Water Test Network please get in touch with Karen Frost or Beverley Ferrara from The Water Council.

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