Digital Water Hackathon 2021

The rise in demand for water, increasing operational costs required to manage water systems, manpower constraints and the impact of climate change poses challenges for water management. Having access to digital solutions can help water systems improve operational excellence. Through the Digital Water Hackathon SMEs have a chance to solve challenges in the digital water […]

PUB’s Global Innovation Challenge

COVID-19 has drastically affected how businesses operate and collaborate. However, innovation never stops. PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is looking for technological solutions to Singapore’s water challenges, through the PUB Global Innovation Challenge. Test-bedding opportunities, funding, mentorship, and scaling opportunities are in store for successful solutions. Your solution could be one of them.

Blog: 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this year’s WIS Award Finale

Every other year, Water Alliance challenges innovative entrepreneurs within the water technology sector, to present their most innovative product for the prestigious Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award. Not only are participants in the spotlight for several weeks, they also have the chance to win the grand prize: a marketing support package worth 10,000 euros to […]

The Water Council and the Water Test Network form partnership

New relationship, new opportunity As an organization our simple, yet broad goal is to connect companies, entrepreneurs and researchers to share ideas and accelerate the pace of innovation, not just in the U.S., but also around the world. One element of developing new offerings, pre-commercial testing, can often be difficult and costly. Shorten time to […]

The Water Council announces spring 2020 tech challenge results

Corporate sponsors A. O. Smith, Badger Meter and Zurn Industries award $25,000 to innovation winners from a field of 20 applications located in seven countries MILWAUKEE, Wis. (June 24, 2020) – The Water Council today announced the results and winners of its third-round Tech Challenge competition, selected by corporate sponsors A. O. Smith, Badger Meter and […]

3 water related challenges open at BioVoice

Via our network partner BioVoice we have been asked to come up with solutions on these water related challenges. We call up on our GWTHA partners to submit the solutions from their network. The deadline for submitting solutions is Friday 8th May 2020. Challenge 1: How can we clean and reuse 100% of our waste […]

Blog: Moving forward & feeding the optimism

“I SENSE A SPIRIT OF RESILIENCE. A DESIRE TO KEEP THINGS MOVING FORWARD.” In response to COVID-19 challenges, The Water Council moved swiftly to leverage its relationships with its partners in government and the private sector to support its members. In Europe, we’re extending the same philosophy of meaningful connection across our international relationships as […]