Video: how working remotely could shape water’s culture

Accelerating the application of innovative water technologies around the world

Video: how working remotely could shape water’s culture

Embracing a new working culture – Water communities around the world are adapting to working remotely following lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic. While it’s clear that water professionals are adapting, it raises the question of how will the current decentralised and more digital ways of working potentially shape water sector culture in the future?

Aquatech reached out to the Global Water Technology Hub Alliance (GWTHA) to find out. In their video you can hear from three (former) members of our steering group: Yossi Yaacoby, VP of engineering from Israeli water utility, Mekorot; Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council from Milwaukee in the US and also Hein Molenkamp, managing director of the Water Alliance in the Netherlands.

Find the full article and video here.

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