Introducing the Jiangsu Hub

Accelerating the application of innovative water technologies around the world

Introducing the Jiangsu Hub

The Jiangsu Hub is located in the Yangtze River Delta region, which is one of the three most developed regions in China and home to waste water treatment industry of the country. The Jiangsu Hub focuses on acceleration of water technical innovations into market, through a demand driven approach embedded with various levels of piloting and demo. The hub has partnerships with a number of local hubs in Yangtze River Delta region, teaming up with them in order to address to dozens of leading environmental companies, institutes, governmental agencies as well as 500+ SMEs.

The bridge to China

The hub also has access to a number of municipal/industrial/hazard waste treatment facilitates where pilots and demos at different scales can be implemented in real application scenarios. In addition, Jiangsu cooperates with top technical platform equipped with 2000m2 in-house piloting facility and 40+ engineers/technicians specialized in equipment customization, executing pilot/demo projects and engineering scale up. This makes the Jiangsu cluster unique in incubating technical businesses in China. They are considered the bridge to China for small and medium international technical companies in waste water treatment sector.

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