Global Water Tech Hub Alliance

Accelerating the application of innovative water technologies around the world

About us

Established in September 2018, the Global Water Tech Hub Alliance was set up to foster international collaboration between regional hubs of water technology innovation. It is an open platform that helps match specific water challenges with solutions from around the world. The alliance works in two directions: supporting locally developed innovations in reaching out to foreign markets; and helping those seeking solutions to tap into a global pool of innovative technologies.

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Our challenges are currently closed – After a lively application process over the last weeks, judging is now nearing a conclusion on the topics below:

Mission and Action Areas

Accelerating the application of innovative water technologies around the world by collaborating globally in the following action areas:


Identifying local water challenges and calling for solutions


Identifying local water challenges and calling for solutions


Sharing business possibilities and bringing stakeholders together for collaboration


Identifying technical and business experts to assist with the advancement of member programs


Supporting the exchange of human resources for innovation and sharing educational programs


Promoting the best innovative new technologies of water hubs on a global stage

Steering Group

Dean Amhaus

The Water Council, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Han Loong Fong

PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency

Relly Bar-On

Mekorot-Watech, Israel

Photo_Sangyong jeong

Sang yong Jeong

 Korea Water Cluster, Daegu, S.Korea

Hein Molenkamp

Water Alliance, WaterCampus, Netherlands

Shaoxian Zhang

 Jiangsu Water Cluster, China

Alliance Partners

Latest News

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We’ll be present at these events and hope to see you there.

4 November, 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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5 - 8 November, 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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18-21 November, 2019

David InterContinental, Tel Aviv

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“We believe that a hub is not something you necessarily build, it’s something you find. It’s got to be organic. For us in Milwaukee we’ve been involved in water for many decades, tied to the brewery industry. Developing over the last ten years, we now have 225 water companies in our region, multiple universities doing research moving towards commercialisation and very good utilities open to pilots. From a cluster standpoint, you have to have those components together, as part of your DNA. As an organisation, what we do is match and connect people.”
“All of us know that one of the main areas for growth is wastewater reuse. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wet country in the north of Europe, or a desert country in the Middle East – there’s a lot of overlap and a lot of development to be done together. It’s not just in the Netherlands but hubs from all over the world.”
‘You can only be a strong hub if you are well connected to the rest of the world’
“Obviously, the driving idea behind all this is our core business, and that’s about speeding up the process of allowing locally developed innovations the opportunity to reach an international audience as quickly as possible.”


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